Embroidery service

The embroidery service

What is embroidery?

Textile embroidery is the ideal marking technique if you are looking to permanently personalize a textile support while giving it a touch of prestige. By opting for embroidery on your textile clothing and accessories, you are guaranteed to obtain durable personalization, excellent color rendering and a chic effect to the touch and look.
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The advantages of embroidery?

embroidery machine embroidery thread

The most resistant textile customization

When we talk about the lifespan of textile customizations , embroidery wins hands down! With its threads embedded in the fabric, the embroidery guarantees foolproof durability.

Always the perfect color

Our range of embroidery threads covers a very wide range of colors. Our 130 different colors of thread allow you to obtain a rendering faithful to the colors of your logo. Our embroidery machines can embroider logos in up to 10 colors!

Elegant and textured rendering

Embroidery on clothing brings a delicate and refined touch to textiles.
It offers an elegant effect to customizable clothing , both to the touch and to the look, with its relief and its multitude of points.

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